The frequent occurrence of landslides is a very common phenomenon in Sikkim Himalaya and one that causes the most damage to property and connectivity in the landlocked state and also loss of lives and property. The magnitude of damages caused every year due to sudden earth movements in many parts of the state is quite large due to the complex geological setup and extensive rainfall in the terrain. The annual rainfall ranges between 3500 to 5000 mm and monsoon period is fairly long extending from April to Sepxember with intensity of 100 to 125 mm per hour. Apart from this, recent unplanned developmental activities, particularly road construction and ill planned settlements, have further aggravated the incidence of landslides and subsidence. 

Connectivity in the National Highway 31A, the only life line of Sikkim, is frequently disrupxed for long spells during the monsoons, causing shortages in supply of essential commodities and inconvenience to travellers.

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