The Land Revenue Department is primarily concerned with Revenue Administration in the state which encompasses survey and settlement operation, maintenance and up gradation of land records and enforcement of land laws of the state. With New nomenclature of the Land Revenue & Disaster Management Department there has been a paradigm shift in the management of disasters at all levels, from a Relief Centric Response to disaster preparedness, mitigation and prevention. The enactment of Disaster Management Act 2005 provides greater impetus to the institutionalization of disaster management at state and district levels. 

Sikkim State Disaster Management Authority (SSDMA) is a part of State Government and is a nodal institution for planning, co-ordination and monitoring for disaster prevention, mitigation, preparedness and management. SSDMA lays down policies on disaster management for the state. It approves disaster management plan in accordance to the guidelines laid down by National Authority and co-ordinates its implementation. It provides guidelines and reviews the measures being taken for mitigation, capacity building and preparedness by the Government and issue guidelines as necessary. SSDMA recommends provision of funds for mitigation and preparedness measures.



The objectives of State Disaster Management Authority (SDMA) are as follows : 

  • To prevent the loss of lives and property due to natural and man-made calamities by way of planning, assessing and implementing disaster management programmes in the state of Sikkim. 
  • To act as the nodal agency for all disaster management related functions and activities in Sikkim and coordinate with other stake holders and institutions. 
  • To research vital information and knowledge on New techniques, processes and technology on disaster management in partnership with concerned institutions and state departments and dissemination of the same to the public and raise public awareness. 
  • To create a unified command, control and co-ordination structure for disaster management in Sikkim, integrating the various wings and agencies of government that are necessary for emergency response, as well as for preparedness, mitigation and prevention activities. 
  • To provide relief to the people for the loss incurred due to natural calamity and to undertake rehabilitation and reconstruction as also social and economic activities or restoration of the situation.


The State Disaster Management Authority (SDMA) shall be an Authority for : 
 Declaration of disaster situation and disaster areas with boundaries. 
 Declaration of emergency and mobilization of resources including manpower for disaster management that may be Relief work, Rehabilitation; Reconstruction, Search and Rescue as the case may be at the time of occurrence of disasters; Notwithstanding anything contained in any other law, State Disaster Management Authority in the performance of its functions for the purpose of safety of life and property of public, may issue directions in writing to any person, officer or organization and to such persons, officer or organization shall be bound to comply with such directions. 

  • Declaration of disaster prone zones with boundaries and issuing of notification for unsafe areas. 
  • State disaster management action plan and policy. 
  • Constitution of Standing Technical Committee and Tactical Team for State Level and District Level. 
  • Hazard mitigation plan and also providing resources and all other services needed for disaster management. 
  • Capacity building and preparedness and response plan. 
  • State disaster management codes and Techno-legal regime. 
  • Incorporation of essential components of the disaster reduction prevention and mitigation to the socio-economic development planning. 
  • Making available the support of regional, international, experience, knowledge, resources in risk reduction and disaster management. 
  • Monitoring of costs related to disaster management procurement of heavy equipments, time recording, cost analysis and overall fiscal guidance. Standard Operating Procedure for State Level Disaster Management Team and requirement of staff in the disaster management division. 
  • Integration of the Incident Command System in the existing Disaster Management System. Also, any other issue related to state level disaster management. 
  • State network of Emergency Operation Centers, Control Room's Function, monitoring of daily situation of disasters occurrence in the state and actions to be taken thereof by State Government, Government of India, Organizations situated outside state of Sikkim.


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